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'CRISIS' Limited Edition 'Keyline Kraft' Test Print


** ON SALE Wednesday 22nd March at 6pm GMT **

Original artwork by Richey Beckett.

The artwork was created to officially celebrate the tenth anniversary of AlexisOnFire’s acclaimed album ’CRISIS’. Thematically the record is inspired by the events of the Great Lakes Blizzard that struck the bands homeland of Southern Ontario in 1977.

The original album art featured a series of black and white photographs depicting various scenes from the aftermath of the blizzard - cars buried beneath heavy snowfall, a man with severely frostbitten hands. For the tenth anniversary art I wanted to show the effects that the blizzard had on wildlife - as species were driven out of their habitats and challenged to find food. Although several species of swan live on Lake Erie, it’s extremely rare to find a black one.

The term ‘Black Swan’ is used to describe an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected (deriving from the historic Western belief that all swans are white). It describes something that is unpredicted and causes great effect. This felt like the perfect metaphor for the Great Lakes Blizzard, which only came about due to a specific combination of extreme weather conditions. The black, white and red colouration played perfectly with the existing palette of the ‘Crisis’ record art.

A limited edition test print out of just 4, beautifully silk screen printed on 12"x24" 100lb Kraft French Paper. Expertly printed by Burlesque Of North America.

These are the only signed copies of the print available, and your only chance to purchase this unique item.

Notes for Collectors:

Edition notes:
Main edition (Sold via AlexisOnFire) /200 - SOLD OUT
Artist Set /75 - SOLD OUT
Keyline /04

This silk screen print set is strictly limited, hand numbered, embossed and signed by the artist. This will never be reprinted.


Worldwide express tracked/signed shipping. All prints are shipped carefully rolled in Kraft paper, in a custom made extra strong 4mm wall, 4" diameter tube. Shipping duration will depend on your location.

***Please Note*** All purchases are final. Big Cartel does not currently offer automated notification of when your purchase has been shipped, therefore we strive to ship every item within 3 days of purchase as standard. Tracking numbers are available upon request via e-mail.