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'HELMET #1' Embroidered Patch


The first 'Helmet' embroidered patch by Richey Beckett.

Inspired by the MK50 Compression Suit helmet from Ridley Scott's movie 'Alien', based on a design by the late great Moebius.

This is a high quality 4" 5 colour woven patch, with iron on backing.

Limited edition of 100.

Notes for collectors:

This limited edition patch will never be reprinted.

Each patch comes with a signed and numbered backing card.


Patches are shipped 1st class in a secure envelope within a card strong sleeve. Shipping duration will depend on your location.

***Please Note*** All purchases are final. Big Cartel does not currently offer automated notification of when your purchase has been shipped, therefore we strive to ship every item within 3 days of purchase as standard.